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About Us

Scopus is one of the French leaders in identification, authentication and access control solutions, based on ID cards or plastic badges.
We offer a wide range of products, declined in the following way :
Visual ID cards without technology
Secure Visual ID cards
Card ID for access control
Combination of several access control systems (benefit : a unique ID, a single authorisation base)
For each of these, our intervention covers the entire life cycle of the identification project :
Design : badge, technology, production and provision process (including software and barcode
printing systems)
Implementation : manufacturing of badges, provision of local printing systems (badge printers),
badge accessories and software, training on the use and maintenance of software and printers
Use : online resupplying of badges, printer suppliers, maintenance of printers and software,
hotline including remote handling where needed, …

Components of our offer :
Identification : Plastic badge, with or without technology, chips with or without contact, tags
or RFID and NFC bracelets, …
Printing systems : badge printers, printing and encoding management software, printing
supplies, maintenance…
Software : « Card Management System », Access control, data management, visitor
Services : hosting solutions, project management, consulting, installation, training,
Accessories : badges holders, cords, clips, badge reels…

For more informations, please contact us :
Christine Rozé – Responsable Export : Tél : +33 (0) /